Linking Food and Culture-Taylor Cocalis

Taylor Cocalis 4.29.2010, University Photography Photo By: Lindsay France

On April 29, 2010, Taylor Cocalis, SHA ’05 and former director of education at Murray’s Cheese in NYC,  discussed the relationship between good food and culture, history, psychology and sociology with students and community members at Cornell University. As Taylor shared the unique stories of five great cheeses with her audience, she also shared her passion for education and explored the elaborate intertwining of culture and food.  The origin, growth, production, preparation, and consumption of food is woven into the basic elements of who we are and how we operate as a society.  To further grow the many ways in which people develop relationships with food, Taylor has co-founded “” a website devoted to bringing together employers and people who love good food and want to explore new food careers.   The event was co-sponsored by The Cheese Club at Cornell and the SHA/CIA Alliance.

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