Non-traditional food jobs-Irena Chalmers

Irena Chalmers kicked off a series of discussions on non-traditional food jobs.   Chalmers, author of Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers, and Food Lovers, used her book as a foundation to encourage students to think creatively about job opportunities and to widen their professional expectations.   More than 80 students from the School of Hotel Administration and other venues across campus (food science, nutrition, viticulture/enology) gathered to hear Chalmers’s insights on identifying food trends and translating those trends into career paths in the food industry.  Chalmers’ humorous anecdotes and wealth of experience demonstrate that same insights noted in her book – if you have a passion, evne for divergent interests, with a little thought and creativity there are often ways to combine your interests in to a successful career.  An informal reception followed the student discussion highlighting locally grown foods in a presentation from the Cornell Dinner Club.

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