Jeannine Sacco

Jeannine SaccoFor entrepreneur Jeannine Sacco, SHA ’09, CIA ‘06, president of BeetNPath, healthy, delicious, locally produced food that is made from wholesome ingredients isn’t just for upscale dining. Her company, BeetNPath, has four tenants that they adhere to: healthy, natural/organic, sustainable, and operationally efficient. They are focused on helping the Millennial Generation find balance between their diets and their busy lifestyles. BeetNPath recently released to market their first product: PrOaTs: the steel cut oat power meal. Packing 20g of protein and 7g of fiber, PrOaTs is a great anytime, anywhere pick me up meal. This fall they will be offering a line of fresh meal options marketed at universities, campuses and other institutions across New York State. The meals are all locally produced, minimally processed and based on natural/organic ingredients. A graduate of the collaborative degree program, Jeannine credits her culinary and business studies in helping her to develop a successful concept. “We are to the fresh prepared food market what Trader Joes is to the grocery market: unique product at affordable prices.”

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