Jeff Newman

To successfully live and work internationally takes a certain flexibility, openness to risk, and ability to read situations, even when you may not fully understand the language. Jeff Newman, CIA ’09, SHA 10, has just the right mentality for international adventure.

Jeannine Sacco

For entrepreneur Jeannine Sacco, SHA ’09, CIA ‘06, president of BeetNPath, healthy, delicious, locally produced food that is made from wholesome ingredients isn’t just for upscale dining. Her company, BeetNPath, has four tenants that they adhere to: healthy, natural/organic, sustainable, and operationally efficient.

Harris Mayer-Selinger

Why SHA and CIA?  Harris Mayer-Selinger, SHA ’06, CIA ’07 would tell you it is all about understanding where you want to go in life and for him, becoming a restaurateur has always been his passion.  A native New Yorker, Harris knew the big city was his milieu and immediately set about learning the NYC restaurant scene after graduation, with stints in large and small restaurants.  These experiences, as well as travel to France, China, and Taiwan, helped him compare disparate leadership styles and hone his own culinary style while becoming adept at menu development.

Michael Nestrud

Educators in the field of food science are increasingly recognizing the value of a culinary background as a stepping stone to better understanding food perceptions, quantifying food qualities and developing more complex food combinations. In fields such as sensory science (the science of evoking, measuring, analyzing and interpreting sensory phenomena), exploration into how we taste and consume foods is developing into a growing field that more and more culinarians are pursuing. For ’04 CIA grad Michael Nestrud, applying sensory science with measurement methods such as projective mapping, also known as the “nappe map” technique, to food, is changing the way we think about flavor combinations.

Meryl Davis

Although college is considered a time of personal discovery, it is often only once you have graduated and embarked on a career path that you start to learn the depth of your professional strengths and passions. For Meryl Davis, SHA ’07, AOS ’06 her path has led her to the field of training, service management, and ultimately, education.

Daniel Gomez

One might say that Daniel Gomez CIA ‘02, SHA ‘07 has a lot of imagination. After all, to develop a restaurant concept with eight differently themed rooms within a single envelope takes more than the standard creativity. On the other hand, one might say that he is simply a savvy businessman whose many years of experience in restaurant operations and concept development have positioned him for success.  He admits that his first solo venture, Daniel D&W, is ambitious, even more so because as his namesake, the restaurant carries a high level of personal pride.

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