Hear what alumni have to say…


“My degrees give me an edge in this industry, knowing how to operate both [front of house and back of house]” Meryl Davis, CIA ’06, SHA’06

“As far as getting noticed during the [job search] process, it’s huge.  You’re talking about the two best names in country as far as what they do, so you’re immediately recognized and you can get your application up to the top…” Mitch Mayers, CIA ’08, SHA ’09

“The degrees gave me an advantage… [for instance]  I was able to sit down and talk food specs while negotiating our primary food contract, and ten minutes later be on the phone with our lawyer discussing our lease. “ Devin Lacey CIA ’06, SHA ‘08

“The two degrees have given me a tremendous advantage in…my career as a foodservice consultant.  To be successful at our job, one must have a deep understanding of operations as they occur in a kitchen and how a design can ultimately affect the bottom line.  No two projects are the same and the scope of tasks for our clients is limitless.  We do anything and everything from menu design, RFI development, bid analysis, kitchen and servery design, solid waste calculations, to energy studies.  The combined degree programs have trained me to proficiency in designing a space that is economically, ergonomically, and sustainably successful…”  Joseph Brill CIA 04, SHA ‘06

“I had a great advantage among my colleagues during recruiting…many companies saw [the collaborative degree program] as a great accomplishment.”  Tae Yeun Nam CIA ’07, SHA “08

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