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The Collaborative Degree Program

If I am applying from SHA, how do I get started?
Start planning now.  Students usually apply in their sophomore year but it is never too early to begin planning.  Meet with the Program Director, Emily Franco, to talk over your plans.  This will include evaluating your career goals, considering any concentrations, minors, courses in other Cornell colleges, and outside activities you might want to pursue.  The Program Director will help you create a map of each semester, taking into consideration the time you will be spending at the CIA, the SHA electives necessary to complete your CIA degree requirements, and your application deadlines.  Focus on completing your core SHA course requirements so you will have the most flexibility in concentration electives when you return.  If you are receiving financial aid, begin planning to apply for additional scholarship opportunities to supplement any aid received from the CIA.  You must notify the Program Director of your application.

The Culinary Immersion Technique and Theory class is the fundamentals intensive for Culinary Arts degree candidates, hosted at the CIA. It is a Cornell dedicated class open to other Cornell students, but it is foundational to your continued CIA Culinary studies.  For all other classes at the CIA, you will be streamed in with current CIA students. For a printable version of your options, see the Collaborative degree program brochure.

Which degree path best fits your long term goals?
Next class: January 4, 2022                       Applications due April 1, 2021
Culinary Arts:
First Semester
Culinary Immersion Technique and Theory
Meat & Seafood Identification/Fabrication
Modern Banquet Cookery
Introduction to A La Carte Cookery
High-Volume Production Cooking
Introduction to Gastronomy
Introduction to Food Systems
Culinary Practical ISecond Semester
Baking & Pastry Skill Development
Garde Manger
Cuisines & Cultures of the Americas
Cuisines & Cultures of the Mediterranean
Cuisines & Cultures of Asia
Principles of Menus and Managing Profitability
Culinary Practical II
Baking & Pastry Arts:
First Semester
Baking & Pastry Techniques
Baking Ingredients & Equipment Technology
Introduction to Gastronomy
Principles of Design
Principles of Menus and Managing Profitability
Baking & Pastry Practical ISecond Semester
Basic and Classical Cakes
Individual and Production Pastries
Hearth Breads and Rolls
Confectionery Art & Special Occasion Cakes
Chocolate & Confectionary Technology & TechniqueThird Semester
Contemporary Cakes & Desserts
Specialty Breads
Advanced Baking Principles
Restaurant & Production Desserts
Restaurant Operation: Baking & Pastry
Baking & Pastry Practical II

When will I study on campus at The CIA?
Both culinary and baking students start their studies at The CIA at the beginning of January, during Cornell’s winter intercession.  Culinary students complete their degree requirements by early August, two full semesters at The CIA.  Bakers will complete return to Cornell at the same time as the culinary students but will return to the CIA for their third and final semester in Fall following their Cornell graduation.  Both sets of students will miss the spring semester at Cornell.

Do I need to take special classes to qualify?
Students are required to have successfully completed HADM 2360: Foodservice Management Theory and Practice (as well as the ServSafe Managers Exam) and HADM 3350 Restaurant Management, prior to starting the Collaborative Degree Program.  In addition to the core curriculum, Hotel School students are required to take the following hotel elective courses to complete the degree requirement:

How will I be charged Cornell tuition for the time I am at the CIA? What does the program cost?
When you apply to the program, you are applying to be accepted as a student at the CIA. Therefore, as a student at the CIA, you will be responsible for the CIA fees and tuition expenses for the time you are studying there. If you need financial assistance, you will also apply directly to the CIA for financial aid. During the semester you are away from Cornell, you will not incur Cornell tuition.  Culinary students spend two full semesters at The CIA, bakers spend three full semesters.

Cost per Semester:
Application Fee: $50
Tuition: $17,602
Board: $ 1,955
Housing (avg. cost): $ 4,520
Supplies: $ 1,030
General Fees: $ 810

Total: $25,967

One Time Graduation Fee: $ 300

*Based 2020-2021 fees. Rates are subject to fiscal year increases.

I am a senior, can I participate after graduation?
Special conditions apply to seniors applying to the program.  Seniors are still required to take the necessary SHA electives.  Since the Collaborative Degree Program is only offered January to August, May graduates will have a break before entering The CIA.  In addition, once a student has reached the number of required credits for their bachelors degree, they are no longer eligible for certain state and federal financial aid.

What are the requirements for this program? Do I earn any credits towards my Cornell BS degree from the CIA?
In addition to the SHA course requirements above, student are required to be in good standing at Cornell, with a Cornell GPA of 2.0 or better, both cumulative and in the semester prior to departure.  While no experience is necessary, it is helpful to have had some hands on food preparation experience so you know what to expect.  The CIA curriculum is physically and  mentally demanding.  Currently, Cornell students participating in the Collaborative Degree Program for Culinary or Baking & Pastry Arts will receive 30 credits towards their Cornell degree: 6 credits in non-HADM electives and 24 credits in free electives.

Should I visit the CIA campus?
Prospective students and visitors are encouraged to experience the CIA firsthand. Admissions Information Sessions (includes informational and tour) for prospective students are available throughout the week when the college is in session. Reservations are required, so please call the Admissions Department at 1-800-CULINARY (285-4627) or 845-451-1068 or register online to schedule your visit.  The general public can schedule tours on Monday-Friday at 4 p.m. and an additional time of Mondays at 10 a.m. when classes are in session. Tours are $6 per person and require reservations. For more information, or to schedule a tour, call 845-451-1588, Mon.–Fri. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Or take a virtual tour.

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