Chef Cerrone whisks egg into a mixture while five students in chef jackets observe in teh Culinary Immersion class.

Culinary Immersion students observe Chef Cerrone’s technique demonstration. Photo by Phil Mansfield.

Explore your options to study at the premier institutions in their fields: The Culinary Institute of America and the School of Hotel Administration.


Ideal for the student interested in…
…Extensive experience and a degree credential.  Learn the hospitality industry from every angle, bringing depth and innovation to your food career.  The ultimate challenge is to obtain The CIA’s prestigious associates degree in either Culinary Arts or Baking & Pastry Arts and the School of Hotel Administration’s bachelors degree in Hotel Administration.  Students can start at The CIA or Cornell University to follow this path.

If you start your studies…

…at the Cornell University  School of Hotel Administration:

-Complete the School of Hotel Administration prerequisite classes.
-Apply (usually as a sophomore) using the program application.
-Perfect your culinary or baking & pastry skills, timing, and knowledge while experiencing the breadth of your chosen discipline.
-Complete your associates studies January through early August (culinary/baking & pastry) with an third semester after your Cornell graduation (baking & pastry only).
-Springboard into your food career.

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…at The Culinary Institute of America:

-Complete your CIA associate degree in Culinary or Baking & Pastry Arts.
-Apply using the Common Application for Transfer Students or the Universal College Application for Transfer Students
-Explore advanced hospitality management, revenue management, design and development, entrepreneurship, and many other aspects of the hospitality industry.
-Complete your bachelors degree in four to five semesters.
-Springboard into your food career.

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New for Cornell students, 2020!
These new options are open to students across Cornell University, but will be of particular interest to students in the Colleges of Business, Human Ecology, and Agriculture and Life Sciences. If your path includes food, consider studies at The Culinary Institute of America.Word cloud with food career related wordsIMMERSION

Ideal for the student interested in…

…A comprehensive, three week introduction to culinary fundamentals, exploring the foundations of culinary arts, including; cooking methods, knife skills, commercial foodservice equipment, mis-en-place, formulas and ratios, flavor profiling and basic menu development.  Whether your food discipline is operational, developmental, nutritional, agricultural, or analytical, you will walk away with an applied understanding of food at scale.  This class is required for any subsequent CIA culinary studies and space is limited.  Is an immersion right for you?


Ideal for the student interested in…

…A plunge into the depths of food production.  Prepare for a ProChef Level I certification in a whirlwind series of courses. Culinarians continue their studies with further core classes before investigating baking, garde mange (the art of the cold kitchen) and cuisines from around the world.  Bakers will explore the foundations of baking and pastry arts, gain familiarization with the unique equipment of the trade and explore the design techniques that are an integral part of baking and pastry production.


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